U.S. Hapkido Association

Hankumdo Is the Art of the Korean sword.  Like Hankido there are 24 techniques that correspond to the Korean Alphabet. They are also performed as many ways as possible. Plus sword disarming i.e.; empty hand Vs the sword and sword Vs sword.

Grandmaster Marshall Gagne
Sword Master

Martial Art Name

Korean Sword Exercises

The ancient way to hone mind and body. Find your path to stress relief and health in a social atmosphere where everyone knows your name. Men & Women through the ages, the best and brightest have practiced sword to tone their bodies and sharpen their minds. Discover the secrets of health, leadership, confidence, stress relief, and focus of the European and Asian elites use to keep their spirits strong and resilient in the 21st century

Hamkumdo Flyer

Hanki & Hankum are both simple in nature but contain sophisticated techniques, they are comprised of significantly less techniques to remember than Hapkido but each movement contains more depth and detail. They are balanced arts where you use the least amount of energy to create the maximum amount of force, big circles and flowing movements (water theory). I have never seen a sword style where right and left movements are practiced equally alongside mirror images of the Korean alphabet.  (Circle, water & harmony).


Cutting bamboo with the Jin Kum (Forged steel sword)

Hankumdo Seminars

Foam sword sparring

Men and women enjoy the best cardio you can get.

The late Kuk Sa Neem Myong Jae Nam, his son, now
President of the I.H.F. Sung Kang Myung and Mr. Lee.

The late Grandmaster Han Si Hwan.

A great master that Grandmaster Gagne had the honor to train with.
Grandmaster Han was Grandmaster Myong's first Black Belt student.
He was a Korean military officer and taught at the
Republic of Korea
military academy.

Photo at the federation headquarters in Korea
with Grandmaster Han working on the
green houses.