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Franklin, WI 53132
Phone: 734-417-9227
Email: davidlkurtz@wi.rr.com

Instructor Kurtz, Grandmaster Gagne, Master Dorris

Instructor Kurtz

Master Dorris and Instructor Kurtz


Instructor Kurtz

Instructor Kurts and Ji Han Jae Do Ju Neem Hapkido

Instructor Kurtz,

I wanted to properly express my thanks and gratitude to you for teaching me Hapkido. I wish you to know how much I look forward to our nights of training. I've mentioned my training in my youth, and every night after our sessions, I'm exhilarated, tired, and various levels of sore. I look at my hand today and see a bruise. The first of many I'm sure. I look forward to more.

Thank you for teaching me the wav of the sword as well. It is a childhood dream come to life. Even though it is just a wooden practice sword, the weapon I've received from you, along with its training, is as valuable as any possession I own.  

I see the training that I'm receiving from you not as a way to be a tough guy or to start fights that I can be sure to win, but as a way of engaging in the exercise that will compliment other changes I've made in my life to better it. Part of my philosophy of life is that the things I can't control should not trouble me. My body is one of the few things that I feel I should have complete control over, and Hapkido is one of the things that will help me achieve better control.

I know we had discussed payment, and an amount was agreed upon. I'm including here an amount a bit above that, but sadly below what you honor me with. Master Dorris' comment of "something paid for is something valued" resonates greatly, and I agree.

Thank you for your teachings, training, and friendship.

Kam saham ne da,

John Rogers