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Summer Camp runs all summer then we start
After School Karate with Transportation 


“My two great-grandsons just started and
I immediately noticed the first day a positive change in manners and behavior.
Great discipline for the kids.”

Ruth Simkins
(GiGi) Great-Grandmother

My daughter started Hapkido karate the first day of school. She didn't participate in the activities that day. The second day I picked her up and she was sweating. I said it looked like she participated and she replied "I love Karate...I want to come every day!" Thank you Hapkido family!!

Becky A.

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Summer Day Camp - Gymnastics
7:30a to 6:15p

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Bully proof your child

Bullying causes fear, poor grades even suicide. 

When you learn Hapkido, you learn about leverages and holds.

First, the student learns to talk or walk away.

Second, they can tell the teacher. 

Third, they can take the bully down and pin them and make them give up without actually hurting them.

The students learns progression of force which means, if the situation escalates, they can use strikes and kicks to defend themselves and their families against a more serious situation.

Fun Field Trips

Special children’s classes consist of Tae Kwon Do, Judo, wrestling and Gymnastics.
Character Building
"Ask about the Code of the Dragon"

Don't compare come and see for yourself!

Service to our country, community, family and God Bless America.

A picture is worth a 1000 words.
Free Field Trips and Free Transportation from school for the After School Program

We use the YMCA pool every Wednesday. 2011

The happy campers, 2010

Roper Mountain Science Center

Nature Trails

High Dive

Field Trip

Kids at work

Hapkido Girls, they are really strong and great leaders.

Pelham Road Library, i'll take it.

We like it here.

The best summer I ever had.

The girls are taking over the martial arts.

Self-defense tips for children:

  1. Stay away from strangers

  2. Stay away from someone in a car.

  3. If someone tries to get you yell no and fight back.

Confidence Course

Discovery Island Water Park

Golden Lanes

Kids Planet

Golden Strip YMCA
Golden Strip YMCA
Swimming at the Golden Strip YMCA

In honor of the firemen that lost their lives in Charlotte.

Boiling Springs Fire Station.

“You are making a difference in the world.
Not everyone can say that.
In particular, you are shaping the future through our children.”

Dave Sauve
Retired High School Teacher.

Barnes & Noble Field Trip

Roper Mountain Science Center

(864) 467-4800

 Watch Me Boost Your Childs Confidence, Self Esteem And Spirit Until He or She Becomes UNSTOPPABLE

“I’m so Confident In my program that I that I let you try it free And I’m the only instructor in the area to Guarantee my program”


ü Academic achievement

ü High self esteem

ü A fit and healthy life style

ü A positive attitude

ü Strong morals

In my opinion, your program (martial arts) is outstanding and your instructors are very good positive role models for children of any age.
Mr. Richard C. Light
Former Superintendent

Call Now these benefits are for life

School 213-9903
- Your program is worth a million dollars-

Denise Wheeler
Child Care Coordinating Council


What our Martial Art Training can do for your child

- Creates Vitality & Good Health
- Develops Coordination& Intelligence
- Instills Values & Builds Character
- Develops Leadership Skills
- Teaches Self-Control & Responsibility
- Develops Social Competence
- Establishes Self-Confidence
- Lengthens Attention Span & Concentration
- Prepares your child for school achievement
- Helps Overcome Shyness
- Builds Courage To Try New Things

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7:30a to 6:00p

Students can be dropped off as early as 7:30a and can Stay until 6:00p 5-days a week. The day is filled with fun activities and field trips in addition to Martial art and gymnastics classes. Swimming, field trips to the Kids Planet, and library trips are just some of the planned activities.

Our children's classes are a combination of Karate, Judo and Gymnastics. Anti-abduction techniques are built into our courses.


 Being a home-school Mom for eight (8) years teaching 3 different grades has been rewarding and challenging. Basically, the only activity my children were involved in was Church activities. Those were great for my children but I needed help in some areas with my children and self-confidence was one of them. Enrolling my children in Hapkido has proven to accommodate me in that quest. I’m very grateful to Master Gagne and all the instructors.

 Testimony of Susan Mate

Marshall Gagne's Karate Summer Day Camp is the best program I've ever had my son, Zachary, in. I had enrolled him in many summer camps over the past six years, including the YMCA, and none of them compared to Marshall Gagne's Summer Camp. The price is right, the hours are perfect, and the staff is great with the kids. The program is structured, but at the same time the kids have a ball. Zachary started Marshall Gagne's program last summer, and his manners and behavior have improved dramatically. I barely had to punish him at all! This is the best program I've ever found, and I refer everyone to it. My friend recently enrolled her son in Marshall Gagne's Summer Camp and she cried the whole way home, worrying that he wasn't going to have a good time. To her surprise, when she picked him up he didn't want to leave.

- Debra Thompson

I just wanted to send over big thanks for all that you and your staff have done for my son and daughter. The Hapkido School has been beneficial in so many different ways for our family and I would just like to elaborate a bit. Rachel my stepdaughter has been in my life for 7 years and she has always since I've known her been shy and quiet and reserved. Her family has always made the comment "oh Rachel won't do that, she's to shy" well that changed this summer when she came into our custody and we put her in the summer program, she is confident, happy, secure and polite to her brothers and her family more so then ever before. She made leader and takes great pride in that recognition. And her brother Christopher well he has always been a little more active then allot of other kids and the class has helped him focus better and also take pride in learning the different techniques that Hapkido provides, and he has a much more pleasant attitude towards his family and really try's hard to make us proud! And he does. Recognition, respect and politeness are strong qualities that Hapkido provides and it shows in my children and in the other children within the program.

I would like to recall an incident we witnessed at the yellow belt ceremony over the summer, this tiny little girl was getting ready to break her board and earn her yellow belt and she kicked and kicked and kicked that board as hard as she could and it wouldn't break. But she stood her ground with tears in her eyes and stayed focused on the task she came to complete, Grandmaster Gagne stepped in to help and encourage her to keep trying and not give up. With his perseverance and her termination she finally broke that board!

The smile that came on that little girls face was priceless and Grandmaster Gagne picked her up and put her on his shoulder and walked her around the ring and everyone cheered!

Another incident was my son Christopher got stung by a bee while outside at the Hapkido camp and of coarse it scared him and hurt very bad. The staff cared for him, removed the stinger and applied ointment to it, and did some breathing exercises with him to help calm him down. Then Grandmaster Gagne called my husband personally to explain what had happen and what they did to help him, and my daughter told us that master took Chris out to the mat and told everyone he was the toughest kid there! And just made a big deal of his braveness which made Christopher much more comfortable and relaxed. It is that kind of care and respect that Grandmaster Gagne shows to all his students. He truly wants them to succeed.

Thank you, and keep up the good work!
Allison Sabatini

My name is Pam, I am 39 yrs old.  You taught me Karate approx 30 yrs ago.  I remember many things you taught me and my older brother Tom. My dad use to take us, he was a student too.  I also remember being at your home.  I believe you had horses or at least just one.  I believe you were friends with my father.  He was a master parachutist in the Army. His name is George.  Am I remembering correctly?

I have a son who is 9.  I remembered how much I enjoyed Karate and the self confidence it gave me so I was looking for a good place to take him.  These Karate places feel so commercial. It made me reflect back to my time and how truly authentic it felt, and I remember your name like it was yesterday.  That prompted me to Goggle your name.  I was surprised to find it so easily.  I went to the summer kids camp sight and scrolled thru some pictures and I recognized you immediately in group shots which very much surprised me.  It's been a very long time. I started to cry because it took me back to that time of my life and my dad.  I then read your history and I was blown away again.  I was not aware of all that you had done when I was 9 and I am pleased to see that you are still doing so much. (Although I was disappointed to see you are no longer in Michigan)

Thank you for making a positive impression on my life as a child!

Last but not least, are there any people in Michigan who teach kids like you did with similar qualifications? Or who should I definitely stay away from!