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Quitting Isn’t In Our Vocabulary

How do we develop tenacity, discipline, and confidence?

How do we instill those and other qualities of character?

We talk about character building qualities in Hankido, Hankumdo & Hapkido and then we practice them in order to instill and develop them. They are further developed by ‘hanging tough’ which means coming to every class whether we feel like it or not! Just like going to work or getting to school is a commitment we keep whether we feel like it or not, so is coming to Hapkido.

Honoring our commitment develops and instills tenacity, and discipline. Confidence is built as discipline and tenacity become instilled and goals are met.

How do we get in the best shape possible, mentally and physically? How do we build STAMINA? We start getting in shape by feeding our bodies high value food instead of empty calories. We build stamina by setting both short term and long term goals. Then we work through the process to meet and overcome our obstacles to those goals. We don’t quit! We don’t give up! The only way to succeed is to stay the course.

Consistent hard mental and physical work makes us unstoppable!

And we become unstoppable by getting in optimal physical and mental shape by eating high value foods, by coming to class, by developing a never give up attitude, and by setting short term and long term goals that we stick with until they are met.


We are a Black Belt school.

Our goal is for student to earn a coveted Black Belt in Hapkido, a very rare and special martial art.

While it is natural in Martial Arts training for us to have ups and downs and to sometimes get bored, we have to be relentless in order to succeed--just like The Little Engine That Could, who kept repeating, “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I know I can.” That little engine worked as hard as he could to get up that steep hill and he finally did, all because he never gave up. The only way to succeed in Hapkido is to stay the course and never give up--just like that little engine.

It is also natural for us to need support in our endeavors--whether at work, in school, or in our martial arts practice. Parents can support students by reminding them of their goals--to get to class, work hard, and earn a Black Belt. Students beyond having or needing parental support, might want to rely on a friend or spouse for support. The goal however is to become tenacious, disciplined, and confident enough to persevere because we have come to understand that in Hapkido, as in life, ups and downs come and go, and boredom is a momentary condition.

Coming to class regularly builds momentum, missing class breaks that momentum. It’s important to develop unbroken momentum by getting to every class prepared and ready to work. Hapkido is a high performance lifestyle that takes a great diet and lots of work to sustain. Students need to ‘hang tough’ and be reminded that “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

When you enrolled in this program for yourself or your child, you wanted what was best for him, her, or yourself; it’s up to you to keep coming to get the best we have to offer! See you in class.


Grandmaster Gagne P.S.

A little note about good food: Many people say they can’t afford good food, but I say we can’t afford not to eat good food. Eating a healthy well-balanced diet prevents obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, among other ailments. The highly processed food, fast food, and junk food, all filled with additives, that we so readily eat is making America obese, and causing many of our health problems. I have studied this for over 40 years.