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Kids Evening Classes

“My two great-grandsons just started and
I immediately noticed the first day a positive change in manners and behavior.
Great discipline for the kids.”

Ruth Simkins
(GiGi) Great-Grandmother

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Bully proof your child

Bullying causes fear, poor grades even suicide. 

When you learn Hapkido you learn about leverages and holds.

First, the student learns to talk or walk away.

Second, they can tell the teacher. 

Third, they can take the bully down and pin them and make them give up without actually hurting them.

The students learns progression of force which means, if the situation escalates, they can use strikes and kicks to defend themselves and their families against a more serious situation.

Call now for a 2 week free trial, for even program only. We offer 2 free days for After School with Transportation at any existing school.

Grnadmaster Gagne,

Our son, Jonathan, was not doing well in school earlier this year.  He was talking in class, not completing his classwork, talking back to us and his teacher and not passing math.  We enrolled him in the after school karate program in hopes that it would help him some.  What has happened in the past three months is incredible!  Jonathan has learned to respect authority, concentrate on his schoolwork, has started helping around the house and most of all is making an “A” average in all of the subjects at school—including math.

We never expected to see such a tremendous improvement in our son in such a short period of time.  We are very pleased with the results!  Thank you for your patience and ambition to teach our children (and the parents) the art of Hapkido—the way of coordinated power.

Respectfully Yours,

Michael and Sandy Seals

“You are making a difference in the world.  Not everyone can say that. 
In particular, you are shaping the future through our children.”

 Dave Sauve

Retired High School Teacher.

Special children’s classes consist of Tae Kwon Do, Judo, wrestling and Gymnastics.
Character Building
"Ask about the Code of the Dragon"

Don't compare, come and see for yourself!

Wow: Long Dive Demonstration (Cat Fall)

High Dive

Great Techniques

Leading cadence
(Outstanding Leadership)

Beautiful form

Breaking 3 inches of concrete with a chop.

Students watch in awe as the witness the power and grace of Hapkido

Great Classes

Self-defense tips for children:

  1. Stay away from strangers

  2. Stay away from someone in a car.

  3. If someone tries to get you yell no and fight back.

 We Will Boost Your Child's Confidence, Self Esteem And Spirit Until He or She Becomes UNSTOPPABLE”

“I’m so Confident In my program that I that I let you try it free And I’m the only instructor in the area to Guarantee my program”


ü Academic achievement

üHigh self esteem

üA fit and healthy life style

üA positive attitude

üStrong morals

In my opinion, your program (martial arts) is outstanding and your instructors are very good positive role models for children of any age.
Mr. Richard C. Light
Former Superintendent

Call Now these benefits are for life.

- Your program is worth a million dollars-

Denise Wheeler
Child Care Coordinating Council

Kids class is for 5 years old and up.

Student and parents must come in, visit the school and meet with a
staff member to go over our

Our children’s classes are a combination of Karate, Judo and Gymnastics.
Anti-abduction techniques are built into our courses.


What our Martial Art Training can do for your child

- Creates Vitality & Good Health
- Develops Coordination& Intelligence
- Instills Values & Builds Character
- Develops Leadership Skills
- Teaches Self-Control & Responsibility
- Develops Social Competence
- Establishes Self-Confidence
- Lengthens Attention Span & Concentration
- Prepares your child for school achievement
- Helps Overcome Shyness
- Builds Courage To Try New Things

Shauna's progress report..thumbs up...self esteem thumbs up......asks for water rather than any other beverage thumbs up....eating more raw vegs...better manners. All this 2 weeks!

Thank you, Shauna's Mom.

- My son David started Hapkido training about a month and a half ago. Before he stated he got C's & D's on his report card and when kids at school would harass him he would get very angry and want to fight. In only a month and a half, Hapkido has changed him so much his teachers asked me what we had done? He gets A's & B's now. I brought his report card to Grandmaster Gagne. He brought him up in front of about 250 people at our Hapkido Christmas party. Master Gagne praised him for doing such a outstanding job. David no longer gets upset when the kids at school tease him, he just walks away. I spent a few thousands dollars on counseling for a couple of years and it didn't help. This is what Hapkido has done for my son David. It changed his life for the good.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Mrs. Wyatt
Very Grateful Mother

- Briana has developed more confidence. Her self-esteem has improved because of Hapkido.

Mrs. Marcia Carpenter
Briana's mother
High School Teacher.

- Hapkido is fun, fascinating, good exercise and very practical self defense for people of all ages.

Dr. Howard Comstock M.D

- I would like to extend my thanks to you for going to Jeffrey's class at Eyler. Jeffrey was so excited that you were there. He told me how proud he felt. Jeffrey Said, 'I wish Master Gagne was my grandpa!' A true indicator of how close he fells to the Hapkido family.


Merrily Ruch

- I have been very pleased with your program and the skills, discipline, and confidence Chelsea has learned from being there.


Crista L. White

- I saw your website and just wanted to say hi. I am currently in Italy and just wanted to wish you, and your wife a Merry Christmas. I think of you both often and hope you are doing well. Even though it's been many years, your influence and guidance have meant a great deal to me and I have been using many of your teachings for years on how to treat people as human beings while respecting them as individuals. It is amazing how such a simple touch can be a positive influence on ones life for many years to come. Now that I am the "older guy" and I have many younger people that work with me I thought you might like to know that influences are and can be contagious and if these influences are positive everyone wins....Thanks for your positive influences.

AM1(AW) David Morris
Deputy Chief of Police
NSA Support Site Precinct
Naples, Italy


My name is Pam, I am 39 yrs old.  You taught me Karate approx 30 yrs ago.  I remember many things you taught me and my older brother Tom. My dad use to take us, he was a student too.  I also remember being at your home.  I believe you had horses or at least just one.  I believe you were friends with my father.  He was a master parachutist in the Army. His name is George.  Am I remembering correctly?

I have a son who is 9.  I remembered how much I enjoyed Karate and the self confidence it gave me so I was looking for a good place to take him.  These Karate places feel so commercial. It made me reflect back to my time and how truly authentic it felt, and I remember your name like it was yesterday.  That prompted me to Goggle your name.  I was surprised to find it so easily.  I went to the summer kids camp sight and scrolled thru some pictures and I recognized you immediately in group shots which very much surprised me.  It's been a very long time. I started to cry because it took me back to that time of my life and my dad.  I then read your history and I was blown away again.  I was not aware of all that you had done when I was 9 and I am pleased to see that you are still doing so much. (Although I was disappointed to see you are no longer in Michigan)

Thank you for making a positive impression on my life as a child!

Last but not least, are there any people in Michigan who teach kids like you did with similar qualifications? Or who should I definitely stay away from!

Thank you for your time!

I would really appreciate a reply.  This letter is truly based on my memory as a 9 yr old girl.

Pamela C.

- Mac LOVES your After School Program! It's all he talks about! He shows our family & his friends the moves, punches, & kicks he has learned. I think he is proud to show them what he knows. He gets excited to show me his name on the board & tell me how it's a "good thing" to have your name on the board at Hapkido!

I am so glad that I decided to enroll him!

Thank you again,
Lisa Carson

To whom it may concern: 

Typically a letter of reference is difficult for me to write because I rarely know the person well enough to offer an accurate perspective. I am delighted to say that is not the case with Marshall P. Gagne. I have known Marshall and his entire family for more than 40 years and have been witness to his responses to many of life’s circumstances, both positive and negative. I can say without hesitation that I am proud, even envious of the life lessons he has taught me as well as others via the choices he has made and the way he lives his life. He is truly an inspiration.

I first met Marshall in high school and have remained in contact with him throughout our life journey; his in developing his martial arts skills, raising a wonderful family and developing his business. I went on to graduate University and spent the next 27 years as an industrial consultant training managers in the use of Applied Behavioral Analysis (positive reinforcement techniques). I have instructed and advised Marshall in the use of these skills in his business and I must say he is a natural. In my experience, if someone does not have the core values of respect for all life and a strong drive to help others reach their own individual potential, my interventions are much less than effective. The most difficult skill to help people develop is the ability to Shape: Determining the current level of ability and be prepared to sincerely reinforce any small improvement. That is the primary skill of all successful teachers and coaches and I can see ample examples in Marshall’s life, both internally and externally.

In conclusion, I would have to say that the strongest personality characteristic of Marshall is his ability to evoke trust from others, through direct observable actions rather than just his words. If I had children I would feel very comfortable trusting my most precious possession to him.


Andre L. Morency 


- In my opinion, your program (martial arts) is outstanding and your instructors are very good positive role models for children of any age.

Mr. Richard C. Light
Former Superintendent

My daughter started Hapkido karate the first day of school. She didn't participate in the activities that day. The second day I picked her up and she was sweating. I said it looked like she participated and she replied " I love Karate...I want to come every day!" Thank you Hapkido family!!

Becky A.