U.S. Hapkido Association

Hapkido has thousands of self-defense techniques that are practical for anyone whether you are an average person, Airborne, Special Forces, Force Recon, Ranger - UDT/Seal,
Hand To Hand, CIA, Police, Security, Sky Marshals, President Body Guards,
male or female.

Hapkido is the ultimate self-defense.

"Grandmaster Gagne caters to my age group better than
any martial art school I have even seen."

Trent Cason Deputy fire Marshal
Marine force Recon
1972 Viet Nam

"Marshall Gagne was the best instructor I have ever had."

Dr. Ronald Kline, MD Surgeon

"Hapkido is fascinating and great exercise for anyone."

Dr. Howard Comstock, MD Surgeon

Two people techniques

Chief Instructor Trent Reid 7 slabs of concrete

Gun Disarming

Adult Hapkido

The late Kuk Sa Neem Myong Jae Nam's Green House.

The late Grandmaster Han Si Hwan.

A great master that Grandmaster Gagne had the honor to train with.
Grandmaster Han was Grandmaster Myong's first Black Belt student.
He was a Korean military officer and taught at the
Republic of
military academy.

Photo at the federation headquarters in Korea
with Grandmaster Han working on the
green houses.