U.S. Hapkido Association

Hanki & Hankum are both simple in nature but contain sophisticated techniques, they are comprised of significantly less techniques to remember than Hapkido but each movement contains more depth and detail. They are balanced arts where you use the least amount of energy to create the maximum amount of force, big circles and flowing movements (water theory). I have never seen a sword style where right and left movements are practiced equally alongside mirror images of the Korean alphabet.  (Circle, water & harmony).

Hankido in action

Grandmaster Gagne learned Hankido and Hankumdo directly from the late international Great Grandmaster Jae Nam Myong. These three arts are as deep and broad as the oceans and as grand as Mount Everest. Hankido is 12 offencive and 12 defensive spinning techniques where you try to use them as many ways as you can. There are an infinite number of ways, Hankido has no boundares and can always be further developed.

Hankido is so graceful you can literally dance with it.

The late Kuk Sa Neem Myong Jae Nam, his son, now
President of the I.H.F. Sung Kang Myung and Mr. Lee.