U.S. Hapkido Association

圓 Won - Circle

           流 Yu - Flowing water

             和 Hwa - Harmony

               The power of softness…

A Royal Martial Art
Not A Sport

Teaching Martial Arts
Since 1970

Marshall P. Gagne was taught how to box from his father who boxed when he was in the Marines, he was about 5 years old, he also wrestled.  In Basic Training he learned Hand-To-Hand Combat that was in 1967.  In 1969 he was sent to Korea and started his martial arts training.  He served with the 82nd Airborne, was a on the Green Beret Sky Diving Team and was a proud member of the United States Army Parachute Team, the Golden Knights. He was a license Jump Master. He has taught Hapkido to people from all branches of the military and law enforcement. Hapkido, "the way of coordinated power," is based on the water theory, a philosophical martial art that dates back over 1500 years to a famous Indian monk, Bodi Dharma. Hapkido evolved from the elite ancient fighting arts of the Korean Hwarang warriors. (Flower Knights). GM Gagne is the author of five books and producer of nine DVD's that are used all over the world by Distant Learning students, even Secrete Service use them.  Click on the Distant Learning Program button for more information. 

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Martial Art Institute


Marshall P. Gagne
Martial Art Institute
U.S. Hap ki do . Won ki do . Won kum do Association, Inc.
South East Director 2010 Hapkido Games
8th Dan Black Belt Grandmaster
5th Dan Black Sash Hankido Master
5th Dan Black Sash Hankumdo Master 
3rd Dan TKD retired 1975 WTF

Certified in Hapkido Moo Sool Chae Jo
Hapki Chejo Hapkido Gymnastic.
Moo Yae Do
Hosin Batki Woondong

Won Ki Do and Won Kum Do

Full Circle Of The Energy and Full Circle Of The Sword

were developed by Grandmaster Gagne and were derived from

Hankido and Hankumdo

He exspanded on them and created his own techniques.

As deep as the Ocean and as grand as Mount Everest.

U.S. Hapkido Association, Inc.
Hap ki do . Won ki do . Won kum do

Airborne, Ranger, Force Recon, Special Forces - UDT/Seal
Delta Force Hand - To - Hand Combat,
Sky Marshal, C.I.A, Secrete Service, Congressional Police
Prison Guards, Body Guards, Hospital Security,
Special Tactic Training.

Green Beret Free Fall Team
JFK Center for Special Forces (Airborne)


The Commander

Competition Team

Knife Disarming

2010 World H.K.D Games

Group Compition at the World Games

Home of the World Champions

Grandmaster Gagne

Grandmaster Gagne demonstrates Won ki do in front of large audiences.

Announcement of Grandmaster Gagne's nomination to the Martial Art World Hall of Fame

Grandmaster Gagne's Golden Knight Alumni Site

SGT Marshall Gagne
Golden Knights
United States Army Parachute Team


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50th Year Anniversary
16 March 2009

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 Click below for the Golden Knight web site:
Marshall Gagne
U.S. Army Paratrooper.
 PVT. Marshall Gagne 1967 Fort Knox Basic Infantry Training.
Graduated the top in his Platoon.

Hand to Hand Combat.
Knife Defense Standing.
Knife Defense Ground.
Rear Take Down.
PVT. Marshall Gagne 3rd from the left, acting Platoon SGT
 1967 Fort Knox, Kentucky.
Pugil Stick Training.
Pugil Stick Sparing
Bayonet Training.
Bayonet Training.

Fort Benning Georgia
Airborne Infantry Training
"Stand in the door."

PFC Marshall Gagne
Jump School Graduation
Ft. Benning, Ga.
"Gooney Bird"
Silk Hope, NC
March 8, 1973

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SGT Marshall Gagne Team Leader.
Military Free Fall.
Camp McCall, NC.
Under Canapy at Reaford, DZ (North Carolina).
One foot Stand Up.
Knighted 1968 United States Army Parachute Team
The Golden Knights.

SGT. Marshall Gagne in front of Air Force 3,

Pope Air Force Base 1969.
Seeing General Westmoreland off.

William C. Westmoreland (March 26, 1914 – July 18, 2005) was an American General who commanded American military operations in the Vietnam War at its peak from 1964 to 1968.

L.Z. Statue of Liberty

Myong Jae Nam Kuk Sa Neem original founder of
Hankido and Hankumdo.
International H.K.D. Federation Headquarter Korea.
Grandmaster Gagne third from the left

Grandmaster Gagne Double Flying Side Kick.
Demonstrations upon request.

Grandmaster Gagne had the privilege to learn Hankido directly from
Jae Nam Myong Kuk Sa Neem.
He learned and recieved certrification before it was named Hankido.

Kuk Sa Neem refered to it as Moo Sul Chae Jo which translates
Martial Art Floor Exercies

  Marshall Gagne, Grandmaster Jae Ok Myong, Grandmaster Marshall Johnson and unknown.

Grandmaster Marshall Johnson was a friend of Grandmaster Gagne, he passed away, he was a great martial artist.
He will definitely be missed deeply in the martial art world.

Grandmaster Gagne had the honor of learning off of
Great Grandmaster Ji Han Jae.
Aways a student of martial arts.
We don't ever give up.
Great Grandmaster Ji Han Jae 
Grandmaster Gagne

45 years in martial arts and over
55 years in the fighting arts.

Had the hornor to learn from some of the orignial
Great Grandmaster of Hapkido:

Ji Han Jae at seminars.
Kwan Sik Myung: Direct Teacher: Deceased.
Hyung Sik Myung:
Jae Nam Myong: Private Seminars: Deceased
Jae Ok Myong: at seminars

Han Si Hwan: at seminars: Deceased
Chun Chul Song: Direct Teacher Retired:

Three of the Grandmasters were part of the
original group that started Hapkido.

Moo Sool Chae Jo Certification from
Jae-Nam Myong
President (Kook Sa): Doju

Internationally certified 5th Dan Black Sash Hankido

Internationally certified 5th Degree Black Sash Hankumdo

Ancient style certification in Chinese (Han Cha).
All official documents in Korea use to be in Chinese.

    Hapkido 8th Dan

                                                    Hankido 5th Dan
                                            Hankumdo 5th Dan



                                           Grandmasters Seminar December 2010
                                        Continuing Education