U.S. Hapkido Association
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Adult Classes
A Royal Martial Art Not A Sport
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Testimony Cathy Sue & Tom Lapinski:

5 - Reasons our family chose your Hapkido Do Jang are:

1. Your high level of experience as an eighth degree black belt, and Chief Instructor
Barror’s experience as third degree black belt.

2. The “fostering of family” atmosphere.

3. Yours and Chief Instructor Barror’s enthusiasm for Hapkido and your passion
in teaching it.

4. The well rounded training that includes physical fitness – strength, and health.

5. The proximity to our home.

Grandmaster Gagne's Martial Art Institute

We would like to welcome you to
Greenville, South Carolina

Grandmaster Gagne 8th Degree Black Belt demonstrates Cane Techniques



Hankido in action


What our Martial Art Training can do for you
- Creates Vitality & Good Health
- Develops Coordination& Intelligence
- Instills Values & Builds Character
- Develops Leadership Skills
- Teaches Self-Control & Responsibility
- Develops Social Competence
- Establishes Self-Confidence
- Lengthens Attention Span & Concentration
- Helps Overcome Shyness
- Builds Courage To Try New Things
- Hapkido is fun, fascinating, good exercise and very practical
self defensefor people of all ages.

Dr. Howard Comstock M.D


Testimonial Dr. Gerry Hearn: 

“In the summer of 2002, I had the privilege of spending two weeks at the International Hapkido Federation in Korea. I quickly learned that we are extremely blessed at the
U. S. Hapkido Association to have a highly ranked and highly regarded master instructor in Grand Master Marshall P. Gagne. I am a student of Hapkido, Hankido and Hankumdo (sword). Without hesitation, I attest to the fact that the quality of our instruction is second to none. Thank you and congratulations on being inducted into the
Martial Arts World Hall of Fame in 2006.”

The Reverend

Dr. Gerry K. Hearn

Learning Hapkido at Master Gagne’s school is lot more useful and can be used in

everyday life right after the first class. Karate takes six month plus training or even

longer to apply in everyday life. I have more confidence in protect myself

because I don’t need physical strength. 

Lydia Rego
Mother of two, her whole
Family comes to class.


You don’t have to be big and strong, and everyone learns at their own pace. What’s really great about the adult class is that you don’t have to do all the sophisticated moves to earn your Black Belt.
It’s safe for all ages...

Marshall Gagne’s Hapkido is a cardiovascular workout that
combines kick boxing and self-defense.

Side kick
Foot Sweeps


- I saw your website and just wanted to say hi. I am currently in Italy and just wanted to wish you, and your wife a Merry Christmas. I think of you both often and hope you are doing well. Even though it's been many years, your influence and guidance have meant a great deal to me and I have been using many of your teachings for years on how to treat people as human beings while respecting them as individuals. It is amazing how such a simple touch can be a positive influence on ones life for many years to come. Now that I am the "older guy" and I have many younger people that work with me I thought you might like to know that influences are and can be contagious and if these influences are positive everyone wins....Thanks for your positive influences.

AM1(AW) David Morris
Deputy Chief of Police
NSA Support Site Precinct
Naples, Italy

David Morris and his sister was the first Summer Camp students
Master Gagne ever had.

-Summer of 1975 -

Korean Sword (Hankumdo) Training


Hapkido Training

Foam sword free sparring

Cutting bamboo with a forged steel live blade
(Jin Kum)

Hankido technique #7

Foam sword free sparing
The late Kuk Sa Neem Myong Jae Nam's green house.
President Sung Kwan Myung and Mr. Lee.

The late Grandmaster Han Si Hwan,
9th Degree Black Belt.
He was Great Grandmaster
Myong Jae Nam's
first Black Belt Student.
Grandmaster Gagne's friend and Teacher.



A Royal Martial Art - Not A Sport.

Lose weight, Release stress & Learn self-defense
Look good, feel good, stay fit.